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MA Series III Manual 5 TON Clicker Press

The power and speed of 5 ton cutting which is both maintenance and energy free!

The surprising power and strength of this industrial quality clicker sets it apart from all other clickers in its class. The MA Series III press with swing-arm cutting head can perform many types of die cutting with steel rule dies and clicker dies. This bench top clicker has been used for leather, embroidery, badge cutting, card stock, magnetic cards, coasters, small plastic shapes, straps and belt ends, clothing, rubber, key fobs, cork, plastic, felt, cutting materials for specimen dies and many other materials.

Ruggedly built with a cam actuated mechanical advantage The MA Series III requires little effort making operation very easy. The swing arm operation provides the operator with a clear view of the work table (cutting board) making location on printed products a snap.

Cuts leather, plastics, canvas, fabrics, rubber, kevlar, and a host of composties with ease!

The Gold Medal winning M A Series III(3) cutting press has solved hundreds of cutting problems throughout Australia and America and may be just the solution to your cutting application.
These machines are operating in stand-alone cutting situations, and are also working right beside their larger Hydraulic Counterparts.
With the single lever rotation and compressing action, it's speed of operation is quite surprising and you can be up and cutting for a fraction of the cost of a hydraulic press.

The MA Series III clicker press is fully adjustable. Simply turn the HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT DIAL *** at the top of the machine and the head moves up and down over a 2 inch range. This allows the machine to not only accept a variety of material thicknesses but also a variety of common DIE HEIGHTS.

Often cut materials:
   • Leather
   • Plastics
   • Composites
   • Fibreglass/Kevlar
   • Rubber or neoprene sheet
   • Cloth /canvas
   • Webbed belting
   • Abrasive paper/cloth
   • Assorted plastics

Used in the following Industries:
   • Saddlery
   • Leather Belt manufacture
   • Embroidery badge cutting
   • Rubber Stamp cutting
   • Surf board Fin Manufacture
   • Gasket & rubber washer cutting
   • Tent/Canvas Manufacture
   • Furniture Manufacture
   • Biomedical
   • Specimen Die Cutting
   • Footwear
   • Purse Manufacture
   • Watch Band Manufacture
   • Numerous Cottage Industries

   • Cutting pressure up to 5 tons
   • Width 12" (305 mm)
   • Height 14" (356 mm)
   • Machine weight 100 lbs (45 kg)
   • Cutting board 12" x 9" plastic
   • Machine (+handle up) 38" (812 mm)
   • Swing rotation 360 deg.
   • Max. cutting thickness 3/8" (10 mm )

This very handy bench top clicker is used for cutting all kinds of flexible materials like leather plastic canvas cloth rubber textiles, also able to pressure emboss This die cutting press works with machinery clicker dies to cut a leather shape cutter press badge trimmer for saddlery and leather belts swatch maker craft baby shoes, souvenirs laboratory specimen dies, press textile machinery also wallets hats purses and hundreds of other uses. With cutting dies, and the M A Series III Bench top clicker press a lot of these cutting difficulties will no longer be a problem. The MA series III clicker press is also the best machine available for cutting specimen dies and testing laboratories for testing material and specimens.