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Whether you work with materials such as leather (even up to 3/4" thick), canvas, nylon, composites, etc., Aerostitch is the sewing machine to handle the job. Foot pedal operated, the machine can run up to 250+ stitches a minute. Release the pedal, and the machine stops on that very stitch. All this can be mastered by the Speed Control Dial, so you can choose the sewing speed that's most comfortable for you. Also adjustable is the stitch length from 4 to 16 stitches per inch.

The latest feature on the Tippmann Aerostitch is its reverse system. This system enables you to sew in reverse and/or to lock your stitches. Simply rotate the Reverse Lever to get the same precise stitches as you did in the forward position. The Aerostitch puts you in total control.
The Tippmann Aerostitch comes with a cylinder head for working around curves and the hard-to-get areas. We also offers an easy-on optional flat bed attachment that gives you a steady surface for flat stitching. This machine can mount on any work bench or stand with no mechanical hook-ups, 100 PSI air supply is all it takes to get started. The Aerostitch's air-powered design has 1/5th the moving parts compared to an equivalent electrical sewing machine, thus maintenance and repair is kept to a minimum. The Aerostitch comes with a one year warranty on all parts and labor and a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Now featuring REVERSE!
The power and speed of machine stitching with the control
of hand-stitching.

Make: Tippmann
Model: Aerostitch
Feed Type: Needle Feed/Lower Needle Guide
Stitch Type: Lock Stitch
Bed Type: 3" Cylinder Bed(flat bed optional)
Throat Depth: 11"
Stitch Cycle Rate: Variable 1 to 250+ per minute
Presser Foot Clearance: 7/8"
Maximum Sewable Thickness: 3/4"
Needle System: 794 Series & 7x3
Thread Sizes: 69 to 554
Stitch Adjuster: 4 to 16 per inch and up
Bobbin Winder: Built-in/Manual
Operating Pressure: 100 Lb. Air Pressure
Machine Weight with Pedals: 75 Pounds

Ask us about Our Reconditioned Original Aerostitch Sewing machines. We always have a couple of these on hand. These are trade ins on a new machine and they are fully reconditioned at the factory. These are sold with the same unconditional 1 year warranty just like the new ones. These sell for $1800.00 plus shipping.

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