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Tippmann 15 Ton Pneumatic Clicker

The power and speed of pneumatic cutting
virtually maintenance free.

The Tippmann Clicker delivers 15 tons of cutting pressure at the touch of a button (dual safety buttons actually). With this kind of cutting power, you can count on the Clicker to deliver a perfect die cut every time. The Clicker can cut a wide range of materials such as fabrics, gaskets, plastics, paper stocks, and even up to 1/2" thick leather.

Its cast-iron "C" frames allow for easy loading of dies and materials. Just place the die and material on the Cutting Deck, press the Dual Safety Buttons, and in less than three seconds you will have a perfect die cut. The Clicker's large capacity cutting area (12"x24") allows for countless die cutting patterns.

Designed with only one moving part, the Clicker is easy to operate and maintain. Its patented Air System raises the Cutting Deck (the only moving part) to give you 15 tons of cutting pressure. Requiring no electricity or hydraulics, this die cutter operates on 100 PSI of air pressure. We also make custom dies to your exact specifications. The Tippmann Clicker comes with a one year warranty on all parts and labor and a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Make: Tippmann
Model: Clicker
Cutting Pressure: 15 Ton
Cutting Beam: 12"x24"
Cutting Area: 12"x24"
Recommended Die Height: 1.25"
Approximate Shipping Weight: 560 lbs.
Operating Pressure: 100 PSI
Overall Dimensions: 25"W, 20"D, 14"H

This very handy bench top clicker is used for cutting all kinds of flexible materials like leather plastic canvas cloth rubber textiles, also able to pressure emboss This die cutting press works with machinery clicker dies to cut a leather shape cutter press badge trimmer for saddlery and leather belts swatch maker craft baby shoes, souvenirs laboratory specimen dies, press textile machinery also wallets hats purses and hundreds of other uses. With cutting dies, and the M A Series III Bench top clicker press a lot of these cutting difficulties will no longer be a problem. The MA series III clicker press is also the best machine available for cutting specimen dies and testing laboratories for testing material and specimens.