Reconditioned Tippmann Aerostitch Machine

This machine is a factory reconditioned machine. I have taken these in on trade and had the factory recondition them. That means that any part that showed even the smallest amount of wear was replaced with a new part. The result is a like new machine that I am selling with a 1 year unconditional factory warranty. If you know Tippmann you know theystand behind their product better than any other company out there!

The Tippmann Aerostitch is as easy to use as a home sewing machine, but heavy enough to sew up to 3/4" thick leather. Its efficient design has fewer working parts to maintain or repair. Simple to control, with variable speed, variable stitch length and it stays adjusted to your desired settings. Versatile, it can be used in your shop or on-the-scene, on all materials, around curves or on flat surfaces.

This is a needle-feed, lock-stitch machine. It comes with the standard cylinder bed and has a variable stitch cycle rate of 1 to 250+ stitches per minute. Presser foot clearance is 7/8" and maximum sewable thickness is 3/4". The needle system is 794 Series & 7X3. It can use thread sizes from 69 to 554. The stitch adjuster is 4 to 16 per inch and up. The bobbin winder is a built-in/manual. It has foot pedal controls and a standard presser foot. Power requirements are 85 lb. air pressure.

This machine is an early model which does not have reverse: just like all the historic harness stitching machines like Pearson, Randall, Landis, etc. These machines are known for their reliability and simplicity. They continue to be in high demand.

Standard equipment includes a 2-spool thread stand, mechanical bobbin winder, 2 bobbins, assortment of 10 needles, foot pedal controls, standard presser foot, allen wrench for needle set screw and 1 spool thread-277. I am also including an instructional video (VHS format) and extra needles.

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